Kiltane B sink in Ballycastle

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Kiltane B 1-7 Ballycastle 1-13

Our junior team made their first outing of the season in a muddy Ballycastle.The conditions on the day weren’t exactly perfect for football with torrential rain in the morning on a pitch which could do without the recent weather, which

prevented a lot of football from being played with the ball sticking to the floor on many occasions. Ballycastle got the opening five scores but Kiltane fought back to put the deficit to just three at half time 0-04 to 0-07. Pat Deane was excellent on kickouts with his brother Johnny having a fine display of high fielding around the middle with Pat Coyle and Liam Donoghue also winning primary possession. Solid displays from John McAndrew and Oisín Lally made it difficult for the Ballycastle inside forwards with Stevie Winters holding the full back position well. Anthony Coyle and Marty Coyle had great displays turning the ball over on the kiltane 40’ and turning defence into attack efficiently. Tommy Doherty and Dan Murphy worked hard in the half forward line with Aaron Barrett interchanging between the half and full forward lines. The inside forward line of Ian Smyth,Adam Carabine and James Monaghan combined for 1-6 of the Kiltane 1-7 with Carabine excellent from placed balls considering the conditions.

Kiltane Team

Pat Deane; Oisín Lally, Stevie Winters ,John McAndrew; Anthony Coyle, Marty Coyle, Johnny Deane; Pat Coyle,Liam Donoghue ; Tommy Doherty, Aaron Barrett, Dan Murphy ; Ian Smyth, Adam Carabine, James Monaghan.

Scorers:Adam Carabine 0-06(5f),Ian Smyth 1-0, Dan Murphy 0-01.

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